Carbony Whistle in D made of carbon fiber LEADING TONE

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If you have ever wished your whistle could bend down another half step, this is the product for you. Based on a practice instrument for the Galician Bagpipe, this seven hole design has a perfectly offset landing for the little finger of the right hand (can be special ordered for cross handed players). The Carbony™ Leading Tone Whistle in D with King Machine Fipple has all the features of our precision whistle with the added bonus of the extra half step reaching down to the leading tone below the tonic. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

This whistle can be rightly called a fusion instrument. The design and the tone are reminiscent of the instruments of the 19th century. The tone, fine tuning, intonation and materials, however, are absolutely innovative. The body of the flute is made of carbon fiber. Thus, the instrument is not only lightweight and virtually indestructible, but remains in tune for centuries, since the material is inert. There's a reason why  Rob, who builds the whistle, offers a lifetime warranty.

Carbon fiber is an extremely tough, lightweight plastic that is geometrically stable. Thus, the whistle is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, nor will the pitch change. Instead, it remains just as playable as the day it's made. In addition, the thin material and the conical design create a warm timbre in the low register, which is not lost in the ensemble. The bulbous body with the sometimes obliquely drilled holes ensures a comfortable grip. Last but not least these whistles are tuneable.

The instruments from Pipe Makers Union are designed both in terms of processing and playability, for professional use. Characteristic is the compact tone. This means that the higher octaves stand out far less than many other whistles. The result is a balanced sound that requires less air from the player, and provides a real playing experience.

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