On 1 July the normal VAT rate was reduced from 19% to 16% and the reduced rate from 7% to 5%. Our gross prices have remained the same, but we are of course passing on the VAT reduction  to our customers. For orders from Germany and other EU member states that are subject to VAT, there is a discount of 2.5%, which is deducted from the invoice afterwards!

We are open again at our usual times, Mon + Wed from 14.00-18.00 o'clock

However, we are only allowed to do this under strict conditions:
- Due to our limited space, we can let no more than one person into the store at a time (one additional person who lives in the same household can also be allowed in at the same time).  A face mask must be worn and the hands disinfected.
- We kindly ask that you contact us by telephone. In this way we can better coordinate the visits to our shop so that there are no waiting times in front of the entrance door.
- Lengthy visits to the shop are unfortunately not possible. We will be happy to give you more detailed information by telephone at 040-69797548.

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