DULCISTER (Dulcimer-Cittern) with pick-up

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An instrument that is easy to learn for everyone. The fingerboard has only the "right" notes. With a capo one can switch between major and minor scales.
 Depending on the tuning, the result is G major and A minor(stringing is gG - d'd- gg - d'd' respectively G3,G2 - D4,D3 - G3,G3 - D4,D4 viewed from top to bottom) with our Dulcister string set, or A major and B minor (with Irish bouzouki strings tuned to aA - ee' - aa - e'e' respectively A3,A2 - E4,E3 - A3,A3 - E4,E4).
A pickup with 3-band EQ and preamp in the frame makes it possible to broadcast sound to the nearby football stadium.
 For transport, we recommend a regular Irish bouzouki soft or hard case. Choosing chords intuitively will quickly bring playing success.


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