Parks Every Whistle High D - with Tone Ring

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The Tone Ring

The tuning and response of a whistle is a matter of taste. Some players appreciate a only slight change in needed pressure to reach the higher octave, others perhaps find comfort needing more pressure. With the help of the Tone Ring the pressure required to reach the next octave can be regulated.

In the middle position the pressure needed to reach the higher octave is increased and the lower octave sounds stronger and more present.

If you continue to rotate the ring, so that only a small gap of the window is opened below the mouthpiece, the whistle is much quieter. Then, one can practice without disturbing others (Finally, whistle playing all night !!!)

Weight: 35g
Length: 29,5cm
Diameter: 12,5mm
Material thickness: 1,5mm


Parks Every Whistles are particularly light tin whistles made of plastic with outstanding playability. In terms of loudness, they move about in the middle realms, but are easy blowing instruments. Regarding the Tone Ring developed by Carey Park, it not only regulates the loudness, but also the extra air pressure needed to jump to the higher octave. Due to the curvature of the mouthpiece, very little moisture gets into the whistle. The instrument is easily cleaned with soap and water. It does not rust or tarnish. The tuning slide requires no cork grease.


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