The dulcister is our own development from the house of Folkfriends. Technically it is an Irish bouzouki, or cittern (smaller body). The fingerboard is, however, diatonic like a dulcimer, so it is equipped with fewer frets. The tuning is also a little different, namely gG-d'd-gg-d'd'. These characteristics make the dulcister an excellent beginner level instrument; essentially only frets that belong to a key are played, so in this sense, almost no "wrong" notes can be played. Moreover, many chords can be played with simple barré fingerings.

The pitch of the dulcister is in the range of a guitar or Irish bouzouki, and the sound is comparable due to the relatively large body. Therefore it sounds much fuller than a traditional dulcimer. The dulcister is basically tuned in G major, with the capo in the first fret it sounds in A minor. It can also be tuned to aA-e'e-aa-e'e', giving the keys A major and B minor.

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