Medieval Bagpipes - 2 drones G-Major/a-minor + Rauschpfeife in one!

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Our new one-drone market bagpipes with keyed chanter pulls off both - market bagpipes + Rauschpfeife combined in one instrument! Put a mouthpiece on the chanter which has been pulled off together with the wind capsule, ready! The mouthpiece is of course included with your purchase. Two keys and the double hole G expand the musical possibilities of the chanter considerably. The standard scale g' - a' - b' - c'' - d'' - e'' - f#'' - g'' - a'' is now joined by four additional notes, namely g#', b flat', f'' and b''.

The bag is made of cowhide, the wooden parts are made of solid rosewood. In the drones there are high-end plastic reeds from Balance Tone, in the chanter there is a Clanrye plastic reed. Both can also be found in our store.

Length of the drone including stock (pushed together): 42.13 inches
Length of the chanter including stock: 28.9 inches
Weight: 7.9 lbs.


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