Gemshorn Sopran in c (c' - d'')

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This Gemshorn has the soprano voice. The lowest note is, just like the recorder, middle C. The instrument uses Baroque fingering. And thus, can play the notes f and f#, and b and b flat. As a result, this Gemshorn can play in the keys of C Major, A minor, D Major, B minor, F Major and D minor.

Remember: Gemshorns are musical instruments that are made of natural horn. Accordingly, each instrument is truly unique. Cows comply with no EU standards while creating this horn material. Thus, the instruments have different colorations. Since horn is a natural material, it should not get too dry. Left in direct sunlight or on a radiator, it can easily crack. Conversely, the Gemshorn should also not be exposed to a wet blowing technique (like a trumpet), as this will cause it to swell. When used in the proper way with extremes of heat and moisture avoided, this Gemshorn can bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

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