FOLKFRIENDS Nashville Guitar SM 55N

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The Nashville guitar is an acoustic guitar with a different string tension: the lower three strings are an octave higher than normal - they correspond to the octave strings on the twelve-string guitar. The result is an accompanying guitar with a distinctive, floating sound á la "Hotel California". Played together with a normally tuned guitar, the two instruments complement the line-up with a particularly full, complex sound.

To accomplish this, not only the action, but also the compensation of the string must be changed - in acoustic guitars, the bridge is normally skewed toward the frets on the top plate, because the low strings need a slightly longer scale for proper fretting. For the Nashville guitar the bridge must be parallel. Therefore not every acoustic guitar is suitable for alteration. The model used by us already has a parallel bridge, which not only makes rebuilding easier, but with very little effort, the guitar can be back-built into a normal acoustic guitar.

Our nicely priced model has a top plate made of select, solid spruce and a back made of laminated mahogany. The maple neck is appropriately stained in mahogany finish and fitted with a rosewood fingerboard. The cutaway allows playing even in the highest positions.

The built-in pickup system consists of two components; a microphone and a piezo pickup. This allows for the largest of sounds, while the microphone contributes to a good acoustic sound. The result is a Nashville guitar that knows how to compete on stage in an impressive line-up.


A bit of fun after work with the Nashville guitar and bass banjo in the fretless version:

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