Folkfriends Bass Ukulele ashwood with EQ

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Ukulele and bass - how does that work? ... The answer is: quite well! The bass sound is warm and full, as expected from a ukulele, and that from an instrument not even as big as a child's guitar. The first bass you can actually take with you even if using public transportation! The small body does not have the loudest sound, but on stage the built-in pickup with integrated tuner makes the ukulele bass absolutely competitive. The thick, soft strings made of polyurethane from Aquila are similar in appearance and feel to strings of natural material and are particularly tunable. The fingerboard has fret markings, but is smooth. The bass ukulele is tuned like a bass guitar in fourths: E-A-D-G

Body, sides and back are made of zebrano wood, the neck of natowood has an ebony fingerboard. The whole instrument is rounded off with a velvety finish.

Packing size: 29.9 in x 10.4 in x 4 in

Weight: 2.4 lbs

scale length: 510 mm

Fingerboard: 16 frets, width 1.8 in to 2.2 in

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